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December '17
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$130.00 Bear in Love
Item Number: 0058
A cute teddy bear and a vase arrangement of two dozen classic long stemmed red roses
$115.00 Beary Romantic
Item Number: 0065
A lovable teddy bear with a combination of soft pink and red long stemmed roses
$65.00 Burst of Color
Item Number: 0064
One dozen roses in a rainbow of colors
$95.00 Captivating
Item Number: 0044
Breathtaking long stemmed red roses
$60.00 Captivating Pink
Item Number: 0045
An arrangement of one dozen ravishing pink long stemmed roses
$30.00 Elegant Roses
Item Number: 0043
Three roses in a vase
$70.00 Exquisite
Item Number: 0050
A captivating bouquet of exquisite white roses
$70.00 I Can Bearly Wait
Item Number: 0053
One dozen long stemmed red roses with a soft lovable teddy bear
$60.00 Intoxicating
Item Number: 0006
A dozen red long stemmed roses arranged with Baby's Breath
$65.00 Paris Romance
Item Number: 0011
Soft and delicately fragranced roses
$30.00 Pink Rose Bud Vase
Item Number: 0060
A bud vase arrangement with three perfect pink long stemmed roses
$60.00 Rays of Sunshine
Item Number: 0030
One dozen fragrant yellow roses
$65.00 Roses & Balloons
Item Number: 0091
Beautiful long stemmed red roses with a colorful mylar balloon
$40.00 Roses N Bear
Item Number: 0048
A teddy bear with three long stemmed red roses
$35.00 Scintillating
Item Number: 0024
Six rich red long stemmed roses
$120.00 Stunning
Item Number: 0021
Two-dozen classic long stemmed red roses
$35.00 Yellow Delight
Item Number: 0063
Six stunning long stemmed yellow roses
$30.00 Yellow Rose Bud Vase
Item Number: 0057
A vase arrangement with three fragrant yellow long stemmed roses
$60.00 Anticipation
Item Number: 0047
An arrangement of one dozen marvelous long stemmed red roses

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